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Hyatt 'Explor-cations' 2021 - Curated Summer Experiences

by Neil McPherson
29 May 2021

Gradually travel restrictions are being eased, enabling travel locally, or within defined "travel bubbles".  We are all yearning to get back on the road and explore new destinations, experience unique adventures, de-stress and re-energize, even if it’s just for a short trip.

Recognising this, Hyatt have curated one-of-a-kind offerings guests can enjoy during their stays this summer to unwind, learn and explore while also fostering a genuine connection to the local destination.

Available at selected Hyatt hotels globally, (most are US-based  but there are some very attractive other destinations too, including Singapore and the Maldives.) ‘Explor-cation’ offerings include on-and off-property activities specially coordinated by each hotel that range from active outdoor adventures to personalized, family-friendly classes and educational activities aimed at enhancing wellbeing, encouraging local exploration and providing guests the opportunity to learn a new skill.

More than 40 unique 'explor-cation' offerings are available nationwide now throughout the summer and beyond to immerse guests in local destinations. ‘Explor-cations’ offer travelers one-of-a-kind experiences and a brief, yet purposeful break from their daily routines to go on an adventure, learn something new, or focus on their wellbeing.

For travelers planning their next trip, a sample of the unique ‘Explor-cations’ available are listed below.

You can visit the relevant property's website to learn more about these experiences.

Call 1-800-233-1234 or visit to make a reservation.


Outdoor Explor-cations:

Wellbeing Explor-cations:

Educational Explor-cations: