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World of Hyatt - promotions analysis

by Neil McPherson

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In our comprehensive World of Hyatt guide, we noted that It is not as easy to earn points with World of Hyatt as it is on other programs. However, redemptions for points earned provide very good value.

The World of Hyatt program has promotions for points purchases and for stays. Although not as frequent as for some other programs, they do offer very good value for lovely locations within the Hyatt portfolio.

We look at the history of their promo's while shining a light on current ones.

Are current promotions good value?
Are the offers seasonal?  When do the best offers usually occur?

Current Offers

Hyatt Points Purchase Promotions

Grand Hyatt Bali
Grand Hyatt Bali

Currently there are no points promotions running.

You can purchase Hyatt points (advertiser) at any time at USD 24 per thousand,

Bonuses for Hyatt Stays

Park Hyatt Melbourne - lobby

Park Hyatt Melbourne - lobby

World of Hyatt Status offers

World of Hyatt - blue logo

There are currently no status-related promotions running.  

However, qualification requirements for attaining or retaining tier status have been eased and members also have had the timeframe extended for which they may enjoy their tier benefits. Our guide to the World of Hyatt has more details.

Table 1 - History of World of Hyatt points promotions

Offer End Date Offer Discount Offer Bonus Points Price per Thousand (USD) Effective Discount
October 2021
30% 18.46 23%
June 2021
30% 18.46 23%
November 2020 30%
16.80 30%
May 2020 30%
16.80 30%
February 2020
25% 19.20 20%
December 2019 40%
14.40 40%
October 2019 40%
14.40 40%
August 2019 40%
14.40 40%
June 2019 40%
14.40 40%
February 2019 30%
16.80 30%
November 2018 40%
14.40 40%
May 2018 40%
14.40 40%
February 2018 30%
16.80 30%

15.71 34.6%