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12 Mar

Best Western Rewards elite levels at double speed in 2021. Perhaps leverage into another program

Best Western makes elite status in its Best Western Rewards program easier to attain for 2021.  Requirements have been halved for 2021, so you get there twice as fast!  

New Qualifications for 2021*          
Nights   10  5 15  7 30  15 50  25
Qualifying Stays   7   3 10  5 20  10 40  20
Points   10,000  5,000 15,000  7,500 30,000  15,000 50,000  25,000

There will be no downgrades in elie tier levels through January 31, 2022.

 If you attain a new elite tier level in 2021, you will maintain that tier level through March 31, 2023.

perks for elite tiers in Best Western Rewards aren't the most compelling (although breakfast is included).  However if you stay primarily in budget/family oriented accommodation it can work well for you.

The program does work very well for Australian travellers staying outside the major city centres.  Regional centres usually offer at least one option, whereas the major chains may not offer anything (different in the US I know).  For these travellers and similar, it can make a lot of sense to accumulate BWR points.

You can always later leverage your BWR tier status into a similar tier in another program.  See here for more details on what you might achieve with a status match from your current BWR tier status.

31 Dec

New Year reflections for 2021

Happy New Year !

last year was a tough one globally with the health and wellbeing of thousands of people impacted.  Our thoughts are with those who have had family and friends touched by this pandemic and also to the front-line healthcare workers who are tirelessly working to keep people safe.  Without you/them our lives would be so much worse.

New Years is a time of reflection for me.  Personally and work-wise.

My initial thoughts for pointsNplaces over for the next 12 months are to post more points program guides (including some very good smaller programs that don't receive the coverage they deserve), more ideas on enhancing your use of points and (as more freedom and opportunities start to be available) destinations.  

I am also tweaking the layout gradually, so this will evolve over time.

I also intend to start adding Airline program guides.  This hasn't been a high priority for last year with the reduced travel due to lockdowns around the world.

I am also contemplating a list of destinations to see and plan for in anticipation of travel restrictions being eased during 2021.  Both short-term and perhaps a "bucket list" too.

But I would also like to know your thoughts.  

Are there any items you'd like to see new articles for?  Even if combining existing content - comparisons of programs for example.

I am open to all ideas that you will find interesting and relevant.

If you would like to make any suggestions/requests (all appreciated), please drop us an email using the "contact us" page.

Best wishes for a happy 2021 and safe travels, no matter how near or far.