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Points vs cash tool

Points or Cash?

Which is the best deal for your next stay?

There is a lot involved in assessing whether points or cash offers the best deal.

  • Finding award nights availability,
  • valuing points of your preferred loyalty program,
  • seeing whether you have enough points, or need to top up,
  • can you transfer or use points from a credit card program...

,All of this is time consuming and may cost you money if not done accurately.
Awayz by Odynn will help keep you do all the above and more.  Read how you can select the best deal for your next hotel or resort stay.

Vacation planning

Vacation Timing

Like to see the best times of the year to make your flights?
This tool will help you plan the timing of your next vacation to save on air fares.

Staying Well While Travelling

Staying Well While Travelling

Getting to your destination can sometimes be a bit unhealthy or even stressful.
These tips will help keep you healthy and stress-free en route.