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Hilton TMTP and Family & Friends: generous benefits for the "extended family"

by Neil McPherson
24 January 2020

This guide to the Hilton Friends & Family program is based upon Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions dated 9 January, 2020 and Go Hilton Terms & Conditions in place at 31 December 2019.

To save sifting through all the T&C's, for key details on the broader program and what they mean for you, please refer to our Hilton Honors guide.

Introduction to Hilton Team Member Travel Program (TMTP) and Family & Friends

To get best use of the Hilton Family & Friends program, you need to first understand the Hilton Team Member Travel Program.

Both the TMTP, Friends and Family programs are part of a wider package of improvements announced in April 2018 in employee well-being that included expanded parental leave benefits for both salaried and hourly employees and a program that offers discounted hotel stays for all employees. The Go Hilton program replaced a cumbersome system that had required workers to submit requests to managers. Now there’s an online reservation portal that sets aside unoccupied rooms for team members.

Reflecting these benefits (among others) Hilton Hotels and Resorts now has a reputation as an employer of choice, as evidenced by many surveys including:

The Hilton employee discount rates for staff, family and friends of the company are very generous and among the best in the industry. Hilton offers two dedicated programs to members of its "network":

Read on to learn more about what makes these Hilton programs so attractive and how even non-employees can get significant benefits.


Introduction to the TMTP and  Hilton Family and Friends programs
Who is eligible to participate?
Benefits of TMTP
Benefits of the Hilton Family and Friends program
How do the TMTP and Hilton Friends and Family programs work?
Using the dedicated GO Hilton portal
TMTP and Hilton Family and Friends FAQ

Who can participate in the Hilton TMTP and Hilton Family & Friends programs?

Current team-members

The Hilton Team Member Travel Program is a rewards program for Hilton employees (whether full-time or part-time) to book rooms with discounts at all Hilton hotels. The program is open to all regular full-time and part-time employees of Hilton Worldwide or one of its subsidiaries. You can sign up for the program online, and start enjoying the benefits right away. Some restrictions apply:

Friends or family of current Hilton team-members

There are really only two rules for friends or family of current Hilton team members:

  1. They must be a member of (or join) Hilton Honors. Our detailed Hilton Honors guide provides a lot of valuable information about this program, including how to join.
  2. They must be approved by a Hilton team member who is registered for the TMTP.

Ex-employees with lengthy service periods

With the Go Hilton Long Tenure Travel Program, long-serving Team Members who have left employment by the Hilton company or its properties are also able to access discounts:

For eligible folk:

  1. The discounted rates cannot be offered to their Family & Friends;
  2. They must be present for the hotel stay to utilise these rates; and
  3. They will still need their Hilton Honors account to sign into the Go Hilton booking site.
  4. All other standard Go Hilton booking rules and conditions will apply.

Restrictions applying to the TMTP and Family and Friends programs

Both programs are part of an employee's benefits and are subject to a single combined cap for each team member.

A team member can book up to:

Usage of Family & Friends room nights by folk approved by the team member count against the 70 night portion of their total 100 night limit.

The exceptions to this are rooms listed at EXTRA Team Member rates or EXTRA Family & Friends rates. These are treated the same as the "regular" discounted rooms, other than they do not count against the team member's limits. So even if a team member is actively using most/all of their limit of 100 nights per year, approved Family & Friends can still utilise these EXTRA special room offers.

Benefits of Hilton TMTP


TMTP offers outstanding accommodation discounts for employees. Stays are priced at fixed (USD) rates per night (excluding resort fees and taxes) which are heavily discounted below market rates:

Hilton TMTP Rules

  1. You may use the program for only leisure travel.
  2. Team members can book up to 2 team member rate rooms and 2 family & friends rate rooms (maximum 4 in total) per stay.
  3. Each stay booked by a team member can be for up to 7 consecutive nights at team member rates and up to 7 consecutive nights at family and friends rates (either concurrently or back-to-back).
  4. A team member can receive the discounted rates at any Hilton property globally (subject to availability), but you cannot book at the hotel where you are normally employed.

Food & Beverage

Team members booking under either TMTP or Family & Friends programs also receive a 50% discount on F&B at restaurants under the same management company as the hotel. The team member must be present at the restaurant, but the discount can be applied to up to 6 people in a party. This F&B discount does not apply to minibars or room service. Additionally, in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), breakfast for all guests is included in the above accommodation rates ! These are all very generous discounts.

Pool in Hilton Hotel Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia using either TMTP or Family and Friends programs
Sitting beside this beautiful swimming pool in Hilton Hotel Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia is just one possibility.

Benefits of the Hilton Family and Friends program


The rate applying to stays by eligible friends or family is 50% of the Best Available Rate - a super saving! Approved friends or family can make bookings directly via the dedicated portal, without the need for the team member's involvement.

Food & Beverage

Folk who are not team members, but have booked under the Family & Friends program, do not receive the F&B discount, unless they are staying as part of a group with a team member (see TMTP restrictions above).

Hilton Honors

Stays made under the program at all brands other than Hampton, Homewood Suites Home2 Suites and Tru qualify to earn Hilton Honors. Family & Friends stays earn 10 points per USD paid at the room rate (so half the normal rate) which is very fair, given the significant discount. Food and beverage (but not room service) also qualify to earn Hilton Honors based on what you paid (after any discounts).

points N places logo for travel tips Tip : Stays also count towards attaining/retaining tier status for the person making the booking.

How do the programs work?

First, a team-member must register for the TMTP program. To do this:

  1. Ensure you have a Lobby User ID and Team Member Hilton Honors account (or applicable Owners Hilton Honors account). If you don't, speak to your manager or Identity Management Property Administrator (IDM).
  2. Visit the Go Hilton program page in the Lobby for more information and to get started.

Once registered, you can use the dedicated Go Hilton portal to check on availability and make reservations. You can also then invite friends and family to join for discounted stays:

  1. Family and friends need to already have a standard Hilton Honors account (or ensure they quickly join using the Hilton Honors sign up.)  
  2. Team members registered for TMTP can then approve them for bookings made at the Family & Friends room rates.
  3. Once linked to a team-member's account, your friends or family members can login and book at the Family & Friends room rates independently of you. Bookings will count towards usage of your annual limit.

This makes group holidays very affordable.

Bookings under both TMTP and Family & Friends programs must be made via the dedicated portal.

Using the dedicated GO Hilton portal

Room availability varies and is updated monthly on the GO Hilton portal which is also where you must make all bookings.

How to find availability using Go Hilton

  1. Login to the Go Hilton site using your Hilton Honors credentials.
  2. Browse through the list of destination or holiday types, noting the type of availability in the top right hand corner of the property (TMTP or F&F or EXTRA).

points N places logo for travel tips Tip : EXTRA Family & Friends room rates

A property at its discretion may offer availability of rooms for business/promotional purposes. Rooms surplus to this purpose may be offered via GO Hilton to friends and family as EXTRA family and friends rooms. These bookings do not count towards the team-member's limit, but do earn Hilton Honors points and tier status.. These offers are highlighted in the GO Hilton portal - look to the top right-hand corner of any properties of interest listed there.  

EXTRA TMTP rooms are offered in the same way.

How to make bookings

  1. Go to the dedicated portal using your Hilton Honors credentials.
  2. Find your preferred property.
  3. Click on the listing to make your booking. Easy.

Don't overlook...

... the regular Hilton Honors promotions and offers made to all Hilton Honors members.  You may find that:

  1. you can buy discounted points to top up your balance enough to be able to redeem for a free night;
  2. some promotions may be very competitively priced and/or be available for destinations that do not have a plentiful supply of rooms under the TMTP or Family & Friends programs.


Both TMTP and Hilton Family & Friends  programs offer outstanding savings and are a significant employee benefit.

If you are not a Hilton employee, the benefits are so good that it would pay to scour your list of relatives and friends to find someone who is one. Just be aware that there are limits in place that will affect their use of what is their benefit.

Even if you can only access the EXTRA friends and family deals....the saving is 50% of the Best Available Rate..


If you are the Hilton employee:

  1. congratulations on being with an employer of choice that is providing these significant benefits.
  2. this article should help you to make the most of these valuable employee benefits
  3. be prepared to be very popular if word gets out !