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News & Views (Airlines) 1 Dec 2019

by Neil McPherson

1 December 2019

Alaska Airlines miles on sale

Alaska Mileage Plan is back with another ‘Flash Sale’. Mileage Plan members can purchase Alaska Miles with up to a 40% bonus (almost 30% discount). This is almost as low as I've seen them priced.

The maximum 40% bonus is for purchases of 30,000 to 60,000 miles. For smaller quantities, the bonus/discount isn't as good:

If you have a particular use in mine (and with Mileage Plan there are many opportunities for good points planning) I would snap up at least 20,000 miles before the offer closes on December 23rd. I wouldn't purchase less or rush to buy them speculatively though, as Mileage Plan has regular promotions at good discounts.

Airline Ratings names Air New Zealand as Top Carrier

The world’s best airlines for 2020 have been named by an expert panel from, the world’s only airline safety and product rating website.

The airline of the year was awarded to Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand also won Best Premium Economy.

Other category winners included:

Aegean devalues Miles+Bonus program

Aegean has (some time) recently) devalued its Miles+ Bonus program.  Well spotted by One Mile At A Time, as the page showing the new awards table is near identical to that which showed the old one.  No acknowledgement.  No change in headings or formatting.  Nothing to say "new rates effective from...".  It does feel a bit sneaky.

Nevertheless, Miles+Bonus does have many attractions, even if some will be less so now.  I will follow up with a more detailed article looking at the implications.

Year-end devaluations

Yes, 'tis the season...... when airline and hotel loyalty programs often make changes to their programs - including points devaluations.

So when taking advantage of any offers between now and late December, ensure you are fully booked in.  Any bookings in January or partial payments will leave you open to a potential devaluation and missing out on the value you thought you would be getting.