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I Prefer : how to best use this rewards program

by Neil McPherson

1 January 2020 - original article
Updated 10 August 2020 to show latest geographic spread of i Prefer hotels.
Updated 1 June 2021 to reflect the
May 2021 Points and Status Extension, I Prefer Loves   

This guide is based upon iPrefer Hotel Rewards Terms & Conditions dated 1 July 2021

Preferred Hotels & Resorts Logo Summary / Overview

I Prefer Hotel Rewards (I Prefer) is the loyalty program of the Preferred Hotel & Resorts group.  

I Prefer offers:

Its weaknesses are:

iPrefer is best for:


Market positioning of I Prefer
Geographic spread of I Prefer locations
How the I Prefer program works
I Prefer tiers and benefits
Earning I Prefer rewards
Retaining I Prefer points
Using your I Prefer points
I Prefer program promotions
I Prefer for Meeting or event Planners
Conclusions about I Prefer
Joining or status-matching to the I Prefer program
I Prefer FAQ

Introduction to I Prefer

After looking into a few of the larger chain hotel programs, I thought it timely to start looking into some of the smaller programs to see if we could uncover some gems for you.

This guide to the I Prefer rewards program does exactly that. We go through the key features of the program and then show you how to best use them, with specific tips and strategies.

Let's take a closer look.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts Brands & their positioning

The brands within the Preferred Hotels & Resorts portfolio will vary over time, as the portfolio consists of around 700 independently owned properties that are subject to regular anonymous inspections by PH&R. Some of the properties also operate under license from a major chain.

In terms of number of properties available, this places I Prefer between SLH Invited and Radisson Rewards.

While the brands are varied, they are grouped into the following collections:

The I Prefer hotels range is quite broad, with concentration in the Lifestyle collection, but extending upwards into Upscale and Luxury segments, complementing the 4-star properties. Some of the properties are large, but many city-based ones are more boutique in style and often better located relative to the larger chains with their larger land footprint requirements.

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Geographic spread - Preferred Hotels & Resorts

The Preferred Hotels group properties are well spread throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Oceania is very under-represented, although the Lyall Hotel & Spa in Melbourne is a very nice boutique hotel located in trendy South Yarra. A good choice if you want to be close to the action, but outside the CBD.

Similarly, The Fullerton Hotel in Sydney sets a high standard and is located right in the middle of the city, on Martin Place (it was an historic central Post Office in a previous life).

Number of i Prefer properties available to be booked by region

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How the I Prefer program works

I Prefer has only one type of point, which is earned solely from stays at qualifying properties.  

Points earned can be redeemed for Rewards Certificates to offset against spending at properties at the rate of USD 1 per 500 points, in minimum lots of 12,500 points.

The number of these points earned within a membership year also determines which of the two membership tiers' benefits you will be entitled to.

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I Prefer Elite tiers & benefits

There are two I Prefer membership levels: Insider and Elite. Insiders are registered IPrefer members, who can earn points from stays.

iPrefer rewards by tier

All members receive the following instant benefits:

This is a fairly weak promise - only a price-match and subject to "availability".

This can be very generous when available.

Moving to the Elite tier

Insiders are automatically upgraded to Elite status once they have earned 50,000 points.

Benefits of this tier are a welcome amenity and a 50% tier bonus when earning points.

Maintaining Your Elite Tier

The number of points earned are assessed on each anniversary of your membership (unlike most other programs that are typically based on calendar years).

Once you have reached the Elite tier, you retain that status for the remainder of the membership year in which the Elite tier was earned and the next calendar year.

If you fail to re-qualify for the Elite tier, your status falls to the Insider level.

There is only one type of point, which is used for both rewards calculations and status tier assessment, so the 50% tier bonus makes it easier to retain your Elite status, once you have attained it.

Complimentary breakfast

Free breakfast is not a benefit of either membership tier.

Complimentary room upgrades

Often difficult to obtain under other programs, room upgrades (including the possibility of a higher category) are a benefit for all members, regardless of status tier. This is not guaranteed, but subject to availability in all cases.


Status-matching from another program is possible. You must request an I Prefer status-match via the dedicated email and attach proof of your current status with the other program. 

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Earning iPrefer rewards

Earning I Prefer Points from Stays

Qualifying Stays earn 10* I Prefer points per USD spent on the room (15 points for Elite members due to their tier bonus). The calculation does not include taxes, service charges, resort fees, or gratuities.  Some properties will award points based on non-room charges including food and beverage, spa, parking, business center etc, but this is at the discretion of each property and varies.            

Given that you convert points into Reward Certificates at the rate of USD 1 per 500 points, you receive a cash value Reward Certificate for a rebate of USD 2 for every USD 100 spent on paid stays. This implies a yield of 2% for Insiders booking through an agent (4% if booking online). This rises to a maximum of 6% for an Elite member who uses their I Prefer login to book.

Unlike larger programs, this program focuses primarily on stays at properties. You cannot earn points through any other sources such as an online mall (none exists) or a multitude of "partners".  The focus of the program is to reward loyal travellers with enhanced benefits for each stay at a Preferred hotel.

Our associated agency is a Preferred Hotels travel agent.

Earning I Prefer Points from SIXT Car Rental

The only points-earning partner is SIXT Rent a Car, one of the leading car rental companies in Europe.  SIXT offers I Prefer Members the ability to earn points, together with discounted rates and complimentary membership (but you must apply) of SIXT card membership and associated perks.    

*  except at Wilderness Safaris, andBeyond, Ted Turner Reserve Vermejo, and The Brando where a Member will earn five (5) base Points for each U.S. dollar spent on Reservations Revenue.

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Buying I Prefer points

I Prefer points cannot be purchased.

Retaining iPrefer points

Normal Expiry

Your rewards points expire after 24 months of no “activity” on the account. Activity is defined as an eligible stay or redemption into a Reward Certificate. You will forfeit your current balance when your points expire and you will be downgraded to Insider status.

This is quite tough. Not monitoring your balance could cost you dearly. Fortunately it is quite easy to prevent their expiry if you plan ahead

I prefer (covid-19) Points and Status Expiration

Like many other programs, I prefer has extended the normal expiry of its points for members, since points are difficult to redeem with lockdowns etc associated with the coronavirus crisis.  

Strategy prior to expiry

The options to prevent loss of value through you points expiring are limited to:

1.   Redeeming your points for a Rewards Certificate. Rewards Certificates do not expire but can only be used to offset the cost of paid stays at properties participating in the iPrefer program.

2.  Transferring points to another iPrefer member by sending a transfer request to The transfer request should include:

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Using your I Prefer points

The only use for iPrefer points is to use them for Rewards Certificates that can only be used to offset the cost of paid stays at properties participating in the iPrefer program.  

Generally Rewards Certificates can only be used to offset room costs, but some properties also allow them to be used against meals or spa services too.

Exchanging I Prefer points

A request to transfer I Prefer points to another member can be made at any time via e-mail to

In the case of the death of an I Prefer member, PH&R may transfer unredeemed I Prefer Points to another I Prefer member upon PH&R’s receipt and review of documentation including a death certificate. To request a transfer of I Prefer points in the case of death, send an e-mail to

Pooling and transferring I Prefer points

Points cannot be pooled with other members. Nor can they be transferred to other programs (eg airline miles of frequent flyer programs).

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I Prefer Program Promotions

Generous promotions to members make I Prefer more attractive than it may at first appear. Some are ongoing, some are for limited periods, while others have participating properties which change over time. Some of the pre-coronavirus special offers (Jan 2020) are summarised below:

IPrefer ongoing offers:

IPrefer limited time offers:

In addition, there are special offers for members of specific credit card programs.  These may be for limited periods and Terms & Conditions apply, so it pays to check regularly.  

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Special features of the I Prefer program

It is a very straightforward, revenue-based system that has one less common feature - the Preferred Pride offer, which is aimed at the LGBTQ+ community.

Each property participating in Preferred Pride has inclusive employment policies and services as well as continued support of the LGBTQ+ community. It is more than just lip-service or a marketing ploy, as PH&R partners with TAG Approved and IGLTA to assure that each hotel promotes equality and safety for LGBTQ+ tourism.

Some other programs offer a similar feature, but this is perhaps the best implementation. 

iPrefer Auctions

Introduced in January 2021, I Prefer members can use as few as 5,000 of their points to bid in I Prefer Auctions to win  exciting travel-related auction items such as :

The items available to bid for change regularly, but to give you an idea, at launch the items on auction were listed as:

iPrefer for Event Planners

For I Prefer members who arrange meetings or events, there is a separate provision for iPrefer Planners.

As an I Prefer Planner, you are eligible to earn I Prefer points on room revenue (excluding taxes and additional charges) when you book through the Preferred Hotels & Resorts North American National Sales Offices +1 (877) 497-6976 or the European Group Desk +1 (636) 736-4397 .

You earn 5 points for every USD spent (regardless of your membership tier) to a maximum of 500,000 points per year.  This is half the rate associated with a paid stay.

Observations - I Prefer

  1. The threshold for Elite status is quite high for the marginal additional benefits of an amenity and 50% tier bonus.
  2. The "yield" from stays is low compared to almost all other programs (4% for Insider and 6% for Elite).
  3. The attractive offers offset the low yield and are available to all members. Some include breakfast, others discounts of 30%.
  4. The benefits for all members are generous, especially the free room upgrade, which can be a to a higher category room, This is not guaranteed, but is a benefit only available on other programs at their upper status tiers.
  5. Points can be transferred (but not pooled). The handling of a member's points after their death is more clear than many other programs.
  6. The larger markets of North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia are well catered for, even though the actual number of properties is far less than the major chains.
  7. The member discount of "at least 3%" seems stingy, but prices are very reasonable without it.  Perhaps other chains have larger discounts applied to inflated prices....
  8. The types of stays can vary quite widely and include:

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Conclusions - I Prefer

This is not a large program with a range of brands offering their own versions of cookie-cutter properties. It is a group of curated collections each with variety and value for money within their respective niches.

It is also a program that focuses on properties and stays, not trying to be a one-stop shop for standardised everything.

The strong level of benefits for all members mean this is not a program for travellers who seek to climb status tiers.

Overall. I see this as a program offering very good value for occasional or leisure travellers who are more selective and seek a stay that is out of the ordinary, with appropriate comfort and value-for-money at all levels of luxe.  Ensure you join and only book online to get your rebate against the cost of future stays.

One to belong to for the times when their property destinations suit your travel plans.  

Also good as a second program to complement membership of one of the larger programs (where you may decide to target tier status).

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How to Join or Status-match to I Prefer

It is easy to open an account and is free - apply here for the i prefer hotel rewards sign up. You can also apply at any participating property, but will not receive points for that stay, as you won't already have an iprefer login.

There is a dedicated email address for you to request an I Prefer status-match.

You will need to provide evidence of your status at another hotel rewards program (a recent statement showing status, list of recent stays and any proposed future stays at a Preferred Hotel all help  support your application).

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FAQ - I Prefer

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