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World of Hyatt - promotions analysis

by Neil McPherson
6 December 2020


In our comprehensive World of Hyatt guide, we noted that It is not as easy to earn points with World of Hyatt as it is on other programs. However, redemptions for points earned provide very good value.

The World of Hyatt program has promotions for points purchases and for stays. Although not as frequent as for some other programs, they do offer very good value for lovely locations within the Hyatt portfolio.

We look at the history of their promo's while shining a light on current ones.

Are current promotions good value?
Are the offers seasonal?  When do the best offers usually occur?

Current Offers

Points Purchase Promotions.

Grand Hyatt Bali
Grand Hyatt Bali

While you can purchase Hyatt points at any time, currently there are no points purchase promotions active. is one of our advertisers and administers the purchases of points for world of Hyatt.  Should you make a purchase using our link, we may at no additional cost to you, receive a small compensation that helps us to keep this site running.  There is no obligation to use these links, but we really appreciate your support when you do.

Bonuses for Stays

Park Hyatt Melbourne - lobby

Grand Hyatt Melbourne - lobby

Bonus Journeys - World of Hyatt is offering triple points (to a maximum of 150,000) on all stays until 28th February 2021. You must register for the offer prior to 15 January.

Elite nights earned during this offer in 2020 will also carry forward into 2021. Elite night credits earned in 2021 will count double.

Triple points! Double status credits!  In a program with fewer ways than many others to earn points, this is an outstanding deal if timing suits.


There are currently no status-related promotions running.  

However, 2020 Elite Status and benefits have been extended for elite members without having to re-qualify. This means that whatever your status was as of March 31, 2020 it was updated and now reflects a February 28, 2022 expiration date.

Earn elite status 50% faster in 2021: To provide even more flexibility, Hyatt are lowering the requirements by 50% for earning all elite tiers in 2021.

This means that to qualify or requalify for elite status during 2021, you will only need the following:

  • Discoverist status will require five Tier-Qualifying Nights or 12,500 Base Points
  • Explorist status will require 15 Tier-Qualifying Nights or 25,000 Base Points
  • Globalist status will require 30 Tier-Qualifying Nights or 50,000 Base Points.

Points Promotions

Marriott Bonvoy offers for sale through the points management service of The usual rate is USD 24 per thousand points, with a member limited to purchasing no more than 55,000 points in a calendar year.

Our "fair value" valuation for Hyatt points (the level at which you can redeem them for good value accommodation) is approx USD 16 per thousand (approx AUD 21.55).  So a discount of 33.3% makes purchasing additional points worthwhile.

Note that we do not recommend buying points speculatively, or hoarding them.

November and December seem to be the months for the best discounts.  Either 30% or 40% off seems to be typical.  Offers with a 30% discount may be useful for "topping up" your current balance.  Offers with the 40% discount offer great value and could possibly be combined with cash for a high value stay.

Table 1 - History of World of Hyatt points promotions

Offer End Date Offer Discount Offer Bonus Points Price per Thousand (USD) Effective Discount
November 2020 30%
16.80 30%
May 2020 30%
16.80 30%
February 2020
25% 19.20 20%
December 2019 40%
14.40 40%
October 2019 40%
14.40 40%
August 2019 40%
14.40 40%
June 2019 40%
14.40 40%
February 2019 30%
16.80 30%
November 2018 40%
14.40 40%
May 2018 40%
14.40 40%
February 2018 30%
16.80 30%

15.71 34.55%