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Hilton Honors - promotions analysis 

by Neil McPherson

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Hilton Honors  promotions - Current Hilton Honors Offers

Hilton Honors Points Purchase Promotions

Currently, there is a points promotions running. If you purchase Hilton Honors (advertiser) through 19 July 2022, you receive 100% bonus points. T&C's apply, including minimum purchase of 5,000 points.

Generally purchasing points is a simple way of extending the life of your existing points balance. Doing so during one of the regular promotions can provide a cost-effective way of "refreshing" your points, or gaining you award nights.  

You could:

  • use the opportunity to buy a modest number of points and "refresh" the life of your current balance.
  • buy more points and cut the cost of a nice stay, especially for Elite Tier members who combine this offer with their 5th night free benefit.

Our analysis of Hilton Honors points promotions is below.

Not sure how many points to purchase? The very handy HH points explorer can help you work out what you need to get to your next lovely stay.

Bonuses for Hilton Honors Stays

Hilton 3x Points Package

Receive up to 3x Hilton Honors Points each night of your stay at any participating property for stays of 3 nights or more booked & completed by 5 September 2022. If you stay less than 3 nights, you still receive 2x points.

You must register for the promotion prior to completing your stay.

Bookings must be made via the (advertiser)  Hilton Honors member site. Other T&C's also apply.

Welcome Package
If not yet a Hilton Honors member, you can join on the registration page and be immediately eligible for the promotion.

By joining prior to 31 December 2022 you also qualify for the Welcome Package which provides a bonus of 1500 points for your first stay and 3,000 for you second stay within 6 months of joining.
No need to register for this, it should happen automatically. T&C's also apply

Our review of the Hilton Honors program details the benefits of being a member.

Hilton Honors Status offers

Currently, there are no status challenges/promotions running.
Note that you can request a status-match at any time.  See our guide to the Best Hotels Rewards programs for how to do so and what HH match you can expect usually if you do.   

Park Hyatt Melbourne - lobby

Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh- the Caledonian

Analysis of Hilton Honors points promotions

In our complete Hilton Honors guide, we noted that:

The Hilton Honors program has regular promotions for points purchases. We look at the history of their promo's to see:

Points Promotions

Recommendation - Buy Hilton Honors points during promotions offering when there is a discount of 50%/bonus of 100%.

Hilton Honors offers for its points for sale through the points management service of The usual rate is USD 10 per thousand points, with a member limited to purchasing no more than 80,000 points in a calendar year.

Our "fair value" valuation for Hilton Honors points (the level at which you can redeem them for good value accommodation) is approx USD 6 per thousand (approx GBP 4.50 or AUD 8.00).  So a discount of 40% or more makes purchasing additional points interesting.

Hilton Honors offers have been consistently set at a 100% bonus / 50% discount for a couple of years now (so not seasonal), with promotions every second month (although 2020 was an exception in more ways than one).  So purchases during these promotions should provide ample opportunities to obtain good value, if you have a specific purpose in mind.  During promotions, the maximum number of points able to be purchased is often increased too, making getting to your goal even easier.

Note that we do not recommend buying points speculatively, or hoarding them.

Table 1 - History of Hilton Honors points promotions

Offer End Date Offer Discount Offer Bonus Points Price per Thousand (USD) Effective Discount
December 2021 #2
80% 5.55 44%
December  2021 #1
100% 5.00 50%
July  2021
100% 5.00 50%
December 2020
100% 5.00 50%
May 2020
100% 5.00 50%
February 2020
100% 5.00 50%
December 2019
100% 5.00 50%
November 2019
100% 5.00 50%
October 2019
100% 5.00 50%
July 2019
100% 5.00 50%
May 2019
100% 5.00 50%
February 2019
100% 5.00 50%
December 2018
100% 5.00 50%
September 2018
100% 5.00 50%
August 2018
100% 5.00 50%
June 2018
100% 5.00 50%
March 2018
80% 5.56 44.4%
October 2017
50% 6.67 33.3%
May 2017
100% 5.00 100%
January 2017
80% 5.56 44.4%
September 2016
100% 5.00 100%
August 2016
50% 6.67 33.3%
July 2016

April 2016

February 2016


September 2015

May 2015