Buy Hilton Honors points this holiday season - save 50%

Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa pool
Hilton Honors members, get 100% more Hilton Honors points when you buy or gift at least 10,000 points before 31 December 2020.

That's a whopping 50% discount !

It cuts the cost to USD 5 per thousand points (from USD 10 per thousand), which is less than  our "fair value" of USD 6 (or AUD 7.85) per thousand, meaning you should readily find options to redeem at close to or better than cash prices. 

The annual limit on the number of points you can purchase has been temporarily increased to 160,000 - and the bonus points from this promotion don't count towards the limit.

If you can use the full limit, you can receive 320,000 Hilton Honors points for just USD 1,600 or AUD 2,155.*

For more information about the Hilton Honors program and using points, see our comprehensive guide to Hilton Honors.

Make sure you buy Hilton Honors points at 50% off now, in time for a holiday surprise!  Read the Terms and Conditions that apply, which are shown on the page once you scroll down. is one of our advertisers. Should you use our link to make a purchase, then at no additional cost to you we may receive compensation which helps us to keep this site running. You don't have to use our links, but we appreciate your support when you do.
* Currency rate of 0.7425  Prices correct as at 2130 on 4 Dec 2020.