Hilton Honors - All about the Second (?) largest program

Hilton Hotels and Resorts and Accor vie to be the second largest portfolio of properties (behind Marriott).

The Hilton Honors (previously called Hilton Hhonors) program rated well for Business Travellers (the "Road Warriors") and Business Owners in our comparison of the Best Hotel Rewards Programs.

Our articles below dig deeper into the program, so you can see how it may fit your needs.

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Hilton Honors Guide

Our complete guide to the Hilton Honors program goes through the key features of the HiltonHonors program and then shows you how to best use them, with specific tips and strategies.

Hilton Family & Friends

There are significantly discounted room rates for Hilton employees (Hilton TMTP) and their family and friends.  See our guide for Hilton Family and Friends to find out if you could make BIG savings).