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Happy New Year !

News and Views 2019 Holidays edition

by Neil McPherson

23 December 2019

The Festive Season and start of a New Year

Best wishes to all our readers for the festive season and for a happy and safe New Year.

Thank-you for your support in 2019.

We hope 2020 is full of joy & success (and lots of fun travel!) for you and yours.

Speaking of 2020...

You may have noticed a drop-off in articles lately. Rest assured we aim to return in 2020 better than ever.

As part of that, we have taken onboard some reader feedback and I have been busily revamping the design of the website, to provide a cleaner more contemporary look and additional functionality that wan't possible with our original CMS.

There will also be some minor changes in the content as we fine-tune it to make it more relevant and useful for you.

The new look will commence when we return in February. It is taking longer to achieve than I expected, but I think it's a noticeable improvement. We hope you like it too.

Best wishes until next year.