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2020: global crisis affecting lives and travel

By Neil McPherson

21 March 2020

Our perspective

The spread around the world of Covid-19 is having a major impact on people's lives, how they go about their business and businesses themselves. The economic impact has been felt globally and especially in the travel industry - airlines, food services and accommodation providers are all major employers.

For our part, developments are occurring in an unprecedentedly fast manner, so by the time it appears in any blog (or even mainstream news programs) it is already "old news". Our view is that it is far better at present for folk to seek information from the sources as directly as possible and to then monitor it.  

From a health perspective, the World Health Organisation is the leading authority in the field.  Leaders and decision-makers of countries will assess the information provided and put in place programs in their own ways.

From an Australian perspective, I look at the Federal Government's Department of Health site, which is updated regularly. Other countries will have a similar sites available.

Individually, it is a time to work to support our families, communities and especially the groups of folk most vulnerable to the virus.

Take care out there.

What we will be doing

We at pointsNplaces will continue to write articles that are guides or reference material to help you prepare for the (hopefully not too distant) time when some normality returns and travellers can resume their passions safely.

We won't be reacting to every news item that comes out because:

  1. it will already be old news; and
  2. such "reporting" only raises panic levels without being constructive.

Down the track

Business leaders are reacting in different ways. Some seem mainly concerned about their business and shareholders. Others have shown leadership by finding ways to balance the needs of all their stakeholders - employees, customers and loyalty program members - for the future, not just now. One example of this was Hyatt's decision to delay for 12 months the introduction of its peak/off-peak pricing. Others have extended the term of tier qualification or "gifted" tier points to members.

After this is all over, then it will be time to reflect on not only loyalty programs, but also how comfortable to be about decisions made by the management that runs them. It is during crises like the current one that folk (including managers) show their true underlying behaviours. Some true leaders will emerge.

I'd like my loyalty be with companies that show leadership under stressful circumstances and compassion for all their stakeholders.

Wouldn't you?

Mood Lighteners

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